September 01, 2016

Welcome to VERSED.

If you are reading this I first want to thank you for taking an interest in VERSED! It all started with a search of my own... after having a few REALLY cool pieces (if I don't say so myself) of original jewellery from the 80's and 90's I started my search for similar pieces. Specifically items what were only made of real gold, and all that really came up where fancy dress style pieces or random items badly photographed on e-bay.  Through my frustration and surprise of not finding anything, I went through family members and contacts who have been in the fine jewellery business a long time, to assist me in my search. With access to these pieces, I wanted to bring them to market at a time when we have a love for all things 80's and 90's. Why re-create past looks when we have the original pieces, lets be part of saving our planet without giving up on style! 


'Re-designing consumerism by using behavioral economics may offer an enjoyable path - and may work. Reducing, reusing, recycling and disposing responsibly have been the mantra for saving the planet for decades. However, another workable option could be increasing spending on our aspirations by channeling our purchasing power to where we might do the least harm - by buying sustainable luxury goods.' Soren Petersen (Huffington Post)


Every piece I have found so far is sourced with such awe and excitement, and with no two pieces the same, I must say there are quite a few I will be sad to see go.. The continuous edit that you now see online is one I am proud to provide to you, on one easy to use e-commerce store you can trust. 

Quality vs. quantity. Knowing these pieces have already last up to 40 years, means we can be assured they will be around for a lot longer due to their quality and durability.




I hope you like what you have seen so far, and if you have any feedback, questions or you just want to say hey, please feel free to contact me. 

Lots of love,